IBLC statement regarding Holcomb’s address on equity and inclusion

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Black Legislative Caucus (IBLC) today released the following statement in response to Governor Holcomb’s address on the state of equity and inclusion in Indiana:

“The IBLC is pleased to see the governor taking steps in the right direction to address equity and inclusion in Indiana. We see a lot of similarities between his new proposals and the IBLC justice reform policy agenda. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to working with the governor to execute these initiatives, including consultation in the recruitment of his first Chief Equity, Inclusion and Opportunity Officer.

“However, his words must be followed by swift action and a good start would be to facilitate much needed support from Republicans in the General Assembly. While a review of our law enforcement academy and curriculum is needed, the governor must put concrete plans in place now to protect our Black Hoosier community. Banning the use of no-knock warrants, racial profiling and chokeholds from our law enforcement would further demonstrate the governor’s solidarity with Black and brown Hoosiers.

“As we’ve conducted town halls and had meetings with stakeholders and law enforcement personnel, we are happy to hear that their ideas and suggestions correlate with the IBLC agenda. We know what needs to happen for our community, and it doesn’t end at body cams, revised training and another data portal. As mentioned by the governor, creating economic opportunities for minority communities in Indiana is vital and will go a long way for justice reform. When we see economic and educational opportunities are fair across the board, we will truly have equality.”

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